Mom's Original

Thick pasta sauce with sausage. This is similar to what Mom made on Sundays and is one of the thicker sauces on the shelf. It's great for baked ziti and chicken dishes too. No Preservatives!

Rocco's Thick & Meaty

Named after our great grandfather, this sauce is perfect for making Lasagna because all the meat and sauce you need are right in the jar. It’s made with both beef and sausage. There is nothing else like it on the shelf! People also enjoy it on pizza or as a dip.

Patsy's Sweet Pepper

Named after our Uncle Pat, this sauce may surprise you. It’s bold flavor comes from the red, orange and yellow peppers as well as Kalamata olives. You may enjoy it on pasta but it also goes great with meatballs and chicken dishes too. It’s Paul’s favorite sauce. Plus, it’s Vegan!

Let our family's sauce enrich your next family gathering!

Buy Today!

Best sauce I've tasted in my life! It's like heaven. Excited to receive it :)

Theresa, California

It's by far the best jarred sauce our family has ever had, and my mother is 100% Italian!

Meghan, Liverpool

OH. MY. DAWG! Red Love arrived today - perfect timing as Monday is "Italian Night". This sauce is DELICIOUS! I opened one jar for just a taste - I could eat it PLAIN, it's that GOOD!